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I was sifting through the latest wedding I was shooting at – and this image caught my eye – its the best example of why I love taking photos and why, to me, photos are so timeless and can get those small, unnoticed moments that are just so…perfect.

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  1. Ratna

    I love this photo, such a beautiful moment. Excellent eye Tara!

  2. Neil Colwey   /   www.makelovereal.net

    It’s not un-noticed; it’s what we notice that makes a difference.
    We have a whole theme on these little things….glad to see you are stretching your powers of observation too!

  3. Lakshmi   /   www.

    This image is probably very special to this couple. I am sure they’ll cherish
    for rest of their lives. It seems like it is a special moment for the bride and the groom to step back and enjoy the wedding day. Tara you catch such wonderful special moments and gesture. You have a good eye for things around you.

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