Rishi + Pooja | Upstate New York Cayuga Lake Fingerlakes Engagement Photos

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This was definitely one epic engagement session that I was so happy to be a part of! Rishi and Pooja wanted to do an engagement session that was totally different, unique and paid homage to their adventurous spirit. When we were discussing ideas, they mentioned they wanted to possibly to something in the mountains/hills possibly a hike of some sort. They also talked about their love of vineyards and wine tastings and thought that might be a good idea as well. Something clicked in my mind and I was jumped at the chance to recommend one of my favorite places in the world – the Fingerlakes region of New York state. I was actually married in the region myself and it holds a special place in my heart. It is also a perfect spot to find both hilly terrain and hiking with some of the prized wineries in the country. Rishi and Pooja really liked the sound of this and so thus a little weekend getaway was planned!

The first day we were there was a bit cloudy and rainy to start but R + P were troopers and we made the best of it. I actually really love the mood and feel especially with the rain boots, the umbrella and the gray tones of the gorges. The second day was all sun and blue skies and could not have been a more perfect blend of all the area had to offer. In between shooting we stopped for delicious meals and enjoyed a beverage or two. Rishi and Pooja are so comfortable with each other, and I love seeing them together both while we were shooting and just hanging out. I so enjoyed going through this images, it was such a beautiful weekend and a great getaway for all of us. I hear R+P enjoyed the area so much they are recommending it to other people just as I always do. Enjoy the images!

IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-001 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-002 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-003 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-004 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-005 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-006 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-007 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-008 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-009 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-010 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-011 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-012 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-013 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-014 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-016 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-017 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-018 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-019 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-020 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-022 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-024 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-025 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-026 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-027 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-028 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-029 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-030 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-031 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-032 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-033 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-034 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-035 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-036 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-037 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-038 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-039 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-040 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-041 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-042 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-043 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-044 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-045 IthacaFingerlakesEngagementPhotos-046

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