Sana + Atif | Downtown Chicago Wedding Photos

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Sana and Atif’s wedding weekend spanned multiple days in Chicago and it all started with this gorgeous downtown shoot. They wanted to capture some images in the beautiful downtown area of the city that Sana calls home and grew up in, and we could not have had a better day to do so. It was so beautiful outside, and they both were just radiating excitement for their wedding events to begin. I love how happy they make each other, I mean you can just tell, look at their smiles…enjoy my favorites!

DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1001 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1002 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1003 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1004 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1005 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1006 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1007 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1008 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1009 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1010 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1011 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1012 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1013 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1014 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1015 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1016 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1017 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1018 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1019 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1020 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1021 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1022 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1023 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1024 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1025 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1026 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1027 DowntownChicagoWeddingPhotos1028

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