New York City Yale Club Wedding Photos | Laarni + Brett

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Laarni and Brett’s wedding on a fall day in New York City was just so much fun. It was a slightly rainy and overcast day, but you would not know it all. These guys and their bridal party/family were determined to hike up their dresses and have a great time, and that they did. Laarni was a vision in the most perfect Vera Wang gown, and Brett in classic black tie couldn’t have been better. There was so much time set aside for portraits that we even got to make a pit stop at the site of their engagement – the adorable Milk and Cookies in the West Village. The ceremony took place at the beautiful Grace Church, and the reception was right across from Grand Central at the historic Yale Club. And then… the dancing. Let me tell you, these folks knew how to have a good time! It was such a fun day to capture. Laarni and Brett – so many congratulations and wishes for a long married life! Thank you for having me along, I am honored.

Bridal Attire: Vera Wang

Ceremony: Grace Church

Reception: Yale Club

Cake: Lulu Cake Boutique


Makeup/Hair: Embellir Artistry

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