New York City Pratt Mansion Wedding Photos

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Jenny and Paul wed on a warm fall day on the Upper East Side in New York City. They live right in the area and wanted to highlight the beautiful and classic sites of the UES on their wedding day for their friends and family. We spent some time in the stunning conservatory gardens in Central Park for portraits early in the day. After the sweet ceremony, the entire wedding party walked down 5th avenue to the reception site – the historic Pratt Mansion right across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It was truly special and a fun way to experience the area. The reception was the perfect way to close out the evening, but not before some images in front of the Met at night – a dream come true for me. It was a wonderful day and I feel honored to have been there to document it. Congrats Jenny and Paul!

Bridal attire: BHLDN

Cake cup display: Bees Knee’s Baking Co.

Reception Venue: Pratt Mansion

Catering: Jason Rogers Hale, Inc

Floral: The Arrangement Floral Design and Events

PrattMansionWeddingNYC-001 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-002 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-003 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-004 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-005 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-006 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-007 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-008 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-009 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-010 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-011 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-012 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-013 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-014 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-015 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-016 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-017 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-018 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-019 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-020 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-021 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-022 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-023 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-024 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-025 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-026 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-027 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-028 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-029 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-030 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-031 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-032 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-033 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-034 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-035 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-036 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-037 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-038 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-039 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-040 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-041 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-042 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-043 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-044 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-045 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-046 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-047 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-048 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-049 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-050 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-051 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-052 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-053 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-054 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-055 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-056 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-057 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-058 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-059 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-060 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-061 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-062 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-063 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-064 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-065 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-066 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-067 PrattMansionWeddingNYC-068

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  1. Payal

    WHat a beautiful colorful wedding. I absolutely love the picture of the bride looking down at her bouquet in the garden. :)

  2. Luci   /

    What a beaUTiful group of pictures! Great photographer. Great couple.

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