Fall is coming…

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I really need to blog more don’t I…hmm well I do have at least 3 posts coming in the next week so that’ll be a good jump start into me doing this more often.

Fall. I love fall. It is my favorite season, and especially my favorite season in NYC. Cool, crisp air, sweaters, jackets, boots, that back-to-school energy, deep and rich colors, less frizzy hair, smell of firewood, the beautiful colors of the leaves, apple picking, hot chocolate….I could go on and on and on. I adore this season and I feel as if I am renewed and come alive with the cooler breeze in the air. Some people think that I’m weird for feeling so renewed in the crisper weather in fall, but what can I say – I’ve never been one that takes to the heat of summer. I love the coziness that fall brings, especially the promise of the good times with family and friends as the various holidays roll around.

I have a few trips planned for the fall to enjoy the season and here’s a little pic I took from last fall in New Hampshire.

Good times ahead.

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