Central Park New York Portrait Shoot

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Vanshika and Chirag were visiting from Dubai and celebrating their birthdays with a trip full of wonderful food, shopping and a lovely little portrait session. It was a bit of an overcast day but the sun shone through at the last minute for some really beautiful light. I really enjoyed spending time with them and Vanshika’s smile is basically the most contagious thing. They clearly make each other so very happy. Enjoy!

CentralPark_AnniversaryPhotos_001 CentralPark_AnniversaryPhotos_002 CentralPark_AnniversaryPhotos_003 CentralPark_AnniversaryPhotos_004 CentralPark_AnniversaryPhotos_005 CentralPark_AnniversaryPhotos_006 CentralPark_AnniversaryPhotos_007 CentralPark_AnniversaryPhotos_008 CentralPark_AnniversaryPhotos_009 CentralPark_AnniversaryPhotos_010 CentralPark_AnniversaryPhotos_011 CentralPark_AnniversaryPhotos_012 CentralPark_AnniversaryPhotos_013 CentralPark_AnniversaryPhotos_014

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    Super sweet photos!

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