Meet Tara

I call it wonderment. I am inspired by so much in this life that it overwhelms me sometimes with the desire to learn about and experience everything. I learned about myself and learned how to dream through music. I love to eat, cook and be curious about the culinary arts. I am a vegetarian. I am ever learning about architecture, design, and history. I have a penchant for handbags. I am tall. I love vanilla cake. I am enchanted and inspired by big cities but I crave the peaceful solitude of the country. I started college thinking I was going to be an astrophysicist. I am enthralled with the night sky. My name in Sanskrit means “star” and my middle name means “light”. I love to seek out the beauty in the chaos, the quiet in the storm, and the timeless moments that inspire wonderment.

I have always been connected to the arts in some way through various mediums Рstarting with calligraphy, drawing, painting, dance, music and most deeply through photography. I splurged on an SLR camera a good number of years ago and was rarely seen without it, discovering my passion for capturing the world around me, and most importantly, the people around me. I found that I truly loved capturing the essence of people. This is how I fell in love with wedding photography.  Weddings are such a heightened culmination of family, beauty, love and wonderment and it is an honor to be able to be a part of your lives at such a significant event.